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Tune-up, Fix, Repair & Upgrade for Apple
You might have an Apple computer that can still have years of life left in it, if only it had a bit more get-up-and-go.
We have many years experience in giving a "new lease on life" to MacBook Pro and iMac computers.
This is achieved by installing new more powerful components inside the Mac. These can make it substantially faster, or more capable of multitasking, or give it more storage space.

We are happy to give a plain English description of what such upgrades will achieve, and a fixed quote for the price of the work.


Something not working right?

Software freezing or malfunctioning?

Too slow? We can fix it, or advise on a suitable upgrade within your budget

We promptly fix, repair & diagnose Apple Mac computers, laptops, MacBooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple TV, Time capsule etc


These are some of the types of problems we can resolve for you. And often a fixed quote is something we can do.

  • Macbook will not turn on? Overheating, odd behaviour or strange noises? We can sort out it out. Running sluggishly some days, or erratic responses.

  • Broken Apple laptop screen, Cracked iPad or Tablet screen. Shattered Phone or iPhone screen.​

  • Laptop dropped, Liquid spill, water damaged, drinks.

  • Mac Startup disk full. If you are seeing a message like: Your startup disk is almost full. You need to make more space available on your startup disk by deleting files. We can help figure out where all the space has gone, and also advise on any available add-ons or upgrade that will give the MacBook or iMac more storage space.

  • Insurance assessments & claims, no problem. Things are covered by insurance more often than people realize

  • iPad, iPhone or iPod running out of space? We can assist with various options for resolving this.

Desirable and Popular Upgrades for Apple & Mac Gear
If your MacBook or iMac has become slow or annoying to use, it might just need faster components installed such as RAM-Memory, SSD, Hard Drives or an upgrade to the Apple Mac OS X Software Operating System; and so on. Such improvements are often at a fraction of the price of buying a new computer, and the performance boost can be like night and day.
As for the iPads, iPhones and iPods, not to mention Apple TV and Time Capsule, these devices sometimes will benefit from a clean upgrade of their Apple software. This is something we can carry out for you.
You can phone, text or email to arrange a quick free consultation at our office/workshop in Ostend on upgrade options, what to expect, and usually a quote on the price you will pay.
Apple Security Boosting & Malware Removal


Apple gear used to be considered fairly impervious to virus, malware and security breaches. However in recent years Apple products are being targetted by malware hackers.


If your email got hacked or hijacked, and now your friends are receiving strange emails inviting them to a scam, malware or a virus infection


Or weird pages are popping up on your screen saying your computer is too slow, or even telling you there is a virus,


Or you a getting strange search results when you try to Google, these symptoms can mean a hijacked search page, an email security breach or malware infection in your computer.


We can advise on removing such problems and preventative steps to protect against them.

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