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Fix, Repair and Upgrade


Something not working right?

Software not working right or malfunctioning.

Too slow? we can fix it, or advise on a suitable upgrade within your budget


Will not turn on? Overheating, odd behaviour or strange noises? We can sort out it out. Running too slow these days, or erratic responses.

Broken laptop screen, Cracked iPad or Tablet screen. Shattered Phone or iPhone screen.

Laptop dropped, Liquid spill, water damaged, drinks.

These are some of the types of problems we can resolve for you. And often a fixed quote is something we can do.


Insurance assessments & claims, no problem. Things are covered by insurance more often than people realize

Services at Waiheke Techs

Plain English

Flexible Pricing

Urgent, medium, and slowboat price options available

Supporting all major brands

Services & Sales of

Apple, Asus, Acer, Compaq, Dell
Kindle, HP, Toshiba, Samsung,

Microsoft, Mac, Android, Duff etc
Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Phones


Security Boosting and Virus Removal


We help with:


Your email got hacked or hijacked, and now your friends are receiving strange emails inviting them to a scam, malware or a virus infection


Weird pages are popping up on your screen saying your computer is too slow, or even telling you there is a virus,


Strange search results when you try to google, can mean a hijacked search page, which even can happen on an Apple computer these days


Apple Mac and iPad security requirements too.

Desirable and Popular Upgrades for Your Gear
Sometimes a device that has become slow or annoying to use just needs faster components installed such as RAM-Memory, SSD, Hard Drives, Graphics Cards, Software Operating System and so on. And at a fraction of the price of buying a new computer.
Laptop computers, notebooks, desktop and tower computers, of most brands lend themselves to upgrades of one sort or another.  Many models of the following brands lend themselves to affordable upgrades: Asus, Apple Mac, Acer, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Samsung, Gateway, Gigabyte, Coolermaster, LG, Dell, Lenovo and IBM.
You can phone, text or email to arrange a quick free consultation at our office/workshop in Ostend on upgrade options, what to expect, and a quote on the price you will pay. And where it is not practical to keep a computer running, we can organise a new or refurbished replacement laptop or desktop computer for you.
And it you are trying your hand at a home-assembled computer for gaming, rendering or editing we can help with parts, training, consultation and advice. If you find you have a compatibility problem, in this situation, such as your motherboard needs a bios upgrade to run the extreme new cpu that you bought for it, we can do the bios upgrade for you.
Planning for your computer needs
Laptop and notebook computers, are particularly prone to damage to their screens, displays, keyboards, trackpads and hard drives (storage or SSD) and so often need to be fixed, or assessed for insurance purposes. We offer these repair services on a timely basis, as computers are often needed again in a hurry.
In addition the chargers or "power adapters" of mobile computers are often damaged, mislaid or worn out. So we have a variety of products and services available to quickly solve that problem. We have chargers available for most  brands of laptop, including Macs, HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Asus and so on.

Desktop, tower and traditional "hard drive" computers, while not so prone to damage, are often in need of maintenance, such as removing the build-up of dust in their internal cooling system, and addressing the wear and tear of mechanical or electronic components such as hard drives, storage and RAM memory. We are able to do some routine maintenance and assessment work on site, along with minor repairs, so that the computer is not out of service longer than necessary.

In addition the video or graphics cards on desktop computers - whether used by gamers, office workers, video or photo editors or graphics designers - often need replacement after years of labouring under a steady work load. Some machines as old as 3, 4, 5
years or even older, can have a surprising come-back after key components are replaced.
(And not all old computers have to be retired, often they can "downshift" to a less demanding role, after a bit of TLC has been applied.)

Replacement of old parts can not only overcome issues of slowdown or instability (such as freezing up or crashing) but can bring into play faster newer technology that older machines often can utilize surprisingly well.

We frequently find that an older computer, if well maintained, is still running just fine, but its' workload has increased substantially - in such a way that installing a bigger monitor or screen, or more RAM memory, and a faster boot drive (such as an SSD) can substantially boost productivity and user enjoyment.

When computers fail due to accidental damage or maintenance needs or just plain old obsolescence, there are three issues upper most in the mind of most:
1 How quickly can the faulty computer or laptop be repaired or replaced?
2 How much will it cost?
3 Can valuable user materials in the computer ("data", documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, and software programs) be recovered.

The likely answers to all three questions is generally much better where there has been some preparation. First, plan for the maintenance, repair and eventual retirement of your computer. And expect, on average within 2 to 6 years after purchasing the computer, to have to outlay some money for maintenance, upgrades or replacement.
That way you are more likely to have funds earmarked for this eventuality.
Second, if you have contents insurance, travel insurance, vehicle insurance, business insurance and so on, then the cost is likely to be covered in the event of accidental damage. Third invest in getting your technician to implement a backup system for your computer that makes duplicate copies of valuable materials.

 In fact some would argue that the preparation begins even before you buy your computer in terms of buying something that has durability to resist damage, is designed to make maintenance feasible, and is built of quality components that have better prospect of lasting over time.
There is great variability in the design of laptops, notebooks, desktop and tower computers in terms of how easily or not they can be diagnosed and have parts replaced.

Finally, the attached bits of computers "peripherals", such as keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, network connectors, routers, screens or monitors and cables of various descriptions, also suffer from aging, damage, wear and tear, and eventually obsolescence.
When a connected component such as one of these plays up, the symptoms might appear to be a computer hardware or software malfunction, when in fact the attached device is the source of difficulties. (By the same token a software issue can create the appearance or symptoms of a component failure.) We are experienced in pinpointing these types of problems and carry a ready stock of replacement keyboards, screens, and cables and so on.

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