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Network, Wifi, Broadband, Internet, Bluetooth


At times these things just work.

Or they work, but only just.

Or not at all.

Try Full Tilt the new Waiheke oriented broadband service supplier in NZ
We can install your internet, modem, broadband, router etc
and your wireless devices too, such as printers, scanners, Smart TV network setup.



If they sent you a thing for your internet, but you have better things to spend your time on, or connecting up stuff like that is not your forte, we connect it and get it working.


Or you read the so-called manual and it made your head hurt. Waiheke Techs is available for house-calls and site visits for  internet and wifi matters, and all other computer/smartphone/tablet requirements too.


We can recommend different internet connection options for different situations, and there are many options available on Waiheke: lightspeed fibre, plain vanilla broadband using the old phone lines, portable wifi hotspots that use the mobile phone networks, and so on, plus Waihekes home-grown Gulf Internet aka Ynet, Full Tilt, Farmside the rural satellite internet connection service, etc.

At Waiheke Techs we can also come to you and install and setup your Chrome Cast, Smart TV, Apple TV Box, Set Top Box, and other network-based streaming entertainment devices. We are pretty familiar with these type of devices and can get it going for you if the so called easy process has threatened to become an annoying "hair-pulling" exercise!

Wifi not reaching far enough?
Need your own website?
Can't connect to internet?
Server not found?
Error connecting to network?
DNS Problem?
Bluetooth thing won't connect?
Television internet ready, but need help to get it working?



It was working fine, your internet, or wifi, or other connection, but now its not. Or your Wifi does not reach your cottage, chalet, home office or sleepout. Problems with modem, router or wifi extender? TV not connecting to Netflix or Apple TV.


We can come to you and sort it out.


Ask about our range of options for affordable websites


Is the Bluetooth or wireless connection from phone to camera, or car to phone, or iphone to speakers etc not working?

We can check it out for you.

Worried about too much wireless or wifi radio-activity?
Can wifi or wireless internet transmissions damage our health? While this remains controversial*, the reality is that in many homes and offices the wifi is being broadcast at much higher output than is needed.
We can adjust it for you, so that it still reaches where you need it to go, but with less radio-energy flying around.  In some cases this can also improve the security profile of you wifi network if the signal is not being thrown further than necessary.
*While normal Wifi transmissions are not as powerful as a cell phone signal (which has to travel much further) it is still a relatively new technology. (Also you might like to check out the wired headset for cellphones in our shop pages,)
If on the other hand you need a stronger Wifi signal, or just a good reliable network cable, to reach some other part of your premises or land, we can help with that too.
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