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Supporting all major brands

Services & Sales of

Apple, Asus, Acer, Compaq, Dell
Kindle, HP, Toshiba, Samsung,
Microsoft, Mac, Android, Duff etc

Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Phones


The Basics
Advanced Computer Users

There are excellent classes at the Adult learning centre, to help familiarise first time learners with the core ideas that they might need to use with an iPad or Android tablet, or a laptop or desktop computer, a smartphone or some other device.


If you are just starting out, or would like the customised approach that a one-to-one tuition session can give, then you can contact us.

Whether you are an Apple Mac computer user, or a Microsoft Windows user, you can appreciate that sometimes an experienced second set of eyes and hands can help you get on top of things.

Whether its something involving a new area of software for you, getting grips with unexpected changes, or improving the integration and sharing between your various devices, phones, printers, laptops etc, we can help.

Consulting and Advice

Sometimes before embarking on a new project or investment, it really does pay to invest in some expert consultation and advice, to check that your thinking and research really will you lead you to the right conclusion.


The results you aim to achieve  depend critically on getting the right technology set up in the right way. And it is surprising how often the technology-user's faith in the technology is actually a year or three ahead of what's actually possible, and reliable, right now.


Flick us an email or give us a call if would like to know more about what our consultation and advice service can offer. For standard small-business and consumer purchases of computers and accessories we provide our expert purchasing advice for free.

Free Purchasing assistance

What to buy! Sometimes the well-meaning friends, family or colleagues hit the nail right on the head when it comes to advising you on what you should invest your hard-earned cash into, and other times, it all seems like they are speaking many and varied versions of gobbledegook, which seems more driven by their own enthusiasm rather than suggesting what's right for you.


We can order-in most things if they are not already in our online shop, but more importantly we can have the conversations with you that help us to recommend the right thing for the right person.


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