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If you need to spend long periods with a cellphone pressed against your head, and would like an alternative, this Logitech headset has the benefit of real wires. Some people prefer not to strap a bluetooth radio to their head in place of a cellphone radio. The other benefit of a wired connection, can be less radio interference from other sources.

This stereo headphone unit, has microphone boom that can be switched to either side.

Stay in control while you talk, play a game or listen to music
On your computer, your tablet or your smartphone

Use your headset on almost all operating systems and platforms thanks to the standard 3.5mm jack connectivity.

Warranty: 24 Month Return to Base Logitech Warranty

    Connect to PC, Tablet or Smartphone
    In-line Audio Controls
    Noise-cancelling microphone on either side
    Full stereo sound
    Adjustable headband with comfortable ear cups
    Works with popular calling applications

Radio-free headset for Smartphone, Computer, Gamer

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