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Seasonal Thermal Disorder or STD on Computers
At this time of year, in New Zealand, with temperatures soaring we are  seeing a lot of computers with overheating issues.
If your computer is hot to the touch when in use, or when idling, you should consider what can be done to keep it cooler. Excess heat can severely shorten the useful life of a computer, and also cause it to malfunction or fail entirely.
If it is in a hot room, or sitting in direct sunlight, it might be sufficient to move it somewhere cooler. Since most computers are cooled by internal fans pumping-in air from the surrounding space, they struggle to keep the internal components cool enough to run normally when the surrounding air is too warm.
In some cases the cooling system of the computer might need technical maintenance to remove years of fine dust build up that is blocking the internal air flow. Desktop fans and laptop cooler bases, can, in some cases help substantially, by supplementing the workload of the computer's internal fans.
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