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Getting Ready
As Spark has secured the screening rights for the live rugby game feed, you will need to sign up with the Spark service.
The links on this page can take you to the various pages of Spark Sports where you can get more details on pricing, technical setup and timing.
There is a plan B they say,  in the event that Spark's new service runs into teething issues.
The best advice is to get set up early, in order to smooth out any issues well before the RWC starts. There are currently free trial offers and early bird discounts which will help make an early start more attractive.
Some games are free to air on TVNZ.
Useful Spark and Other Pages
The new spark sport spot:
Pricing and early bird specials:
Frequently asked questions:
Some interesting news commentary:
Plan B:
Discussion of which devices will be able to run Spark Sports:
Games that are free to air, on TVNZ:
Can I watch the rugby on my smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, Smart TV, Apple TV, etc?
Things you might need
If you plan to run Spark Sport from your iPad, Tablet, Laptop, Computer or Phone by connecting to your TV, you might need one of the following items, all of which we have in stock here at Waiheke:
HDMI Cables that work plug and play with most brands of laptops and Apple TV boxes.
HDMI to Display port adapters, sometimes needed for the upmarket Dell, HP and Lenovo notebook or laptop computers.
Google ChromeCast 3rd Gen 1080p
USB-C to HDMI adapters for Apple, Mac, and other laptops such as the Surface Pro, Dell, Lenovo, HP etc
Mini Display Port to HDMI adapters for Mac
Lightning to HDMI adapters for Apple iPad and iPhone
Network cables and Wifi or Wireless extenders, boosters and routers sometimes required to provide adequate internet connection speed in the room where the games will be viewed.
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